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Babysitting Days (Chapter 3)

Summary: Dame-Tsuna, well, was dame. No matter what he did, he failed, except for one though, and that's his innate ability to make children like him. Even if the child was the son of the infamous, Hibari Kyoya.


Chapter 3

Alright, so maybe, running after Kai wasn't a good idea, but did he think of that? No, he didn't. Tsuna groaned to himself. He's been looking for the child for hours. How could he have forgotten, that he absolutely sucked, when it came to directions? How stupid can one person get?Reborn will kill me. Ugh. The brunet was sure his former tutor would grill him, when he finds out, that he hadn't improved in that department. Damn it!

Tsuna sighed, and closed his eyes in thought. He wasn't unfamiliar with these kinds of places, since most of the people he knew, lived in one. Take his Dino-nii for example. But where does a child usually go in cases like this? With his fingers under his chin in thought, his eyes narrowed, as he surveyed his surroundings. This mansion was huge, and from what he could surmise, there was about fifty or so rooms. Such a waste of space, really.

Walking forward, his gaze flitted from one room to another. Truthfully, he could just ask the helpers in the house. The only problem was that, they were nowhere to be found. Disappearing into thin air, it creeped the brunet out. Why was everyone so detached? It just made this place feel all the more emptier.

Tsuna shook his head, and sighed heavily. He doesn't even know where he should start. An open window caught his eyes, and he wandered towards an empty balcony. Maybe, Kai went through here? Relying on his instincts, Tsuna jumped down and looked around.

The smell of lavenders assaulted his senses, while countless petals littered about. A greenhouse on his far left piqued his curiosity. Letting his feet guide him along, Tsuna found himself at the entrance. Why was it open? His eyes lit up in realization, and he smiled in victory. Found him!

"Kai? Are you there?"

Silence met his ears, and Tsuna sweat dropped at his stupidity. The child was hiding from him, he won't answer his calls no matter how loud they were. Tsuna sighed. He's been doing that a lot lately, and he can't even deny, that it was already a habit. Might as well look around.And he did.
Like a child's first time in a candy store, Tsuna looked around him in awe and wonder. Rosa sinensis, orchids, violets, and other multitudes of flowers he couldn't name, surrounded him. What could he say? They were absolutely breath taking. Breath taking wasn't even enough to describe them. Colourful, bright, and sweet-smelling—these greens were just too captivating.

It might be strange for some, but Tsuna knew, he had a strange affinity—more like an addiction—to flowers. Those ephemeral things were his guilty pleasures. It started, when he was forced to take care of children, back when he was just a teenager of fourteen. For some reason unknown to him, said children liked bringing him flowers. It wasn't strange, but the flower giving became so frequent, it happened every single day.

From then, the brunet found himself always attracted to flowers. Right now wasn't any different, especially when faced with these lovely creations of life. He looked up, and his footsteps screeched to a halt. His awe-filled gaze just then, softened. A smile filled with warmth, made its home on his soft lips. Maybe, it wasn't the flowers that made him so happy then. It must have been the children who gave them to him, with such big grins, and shining eyes, that had him hooked.

Tsuna laughed softly to himself, before shaking his head. His fondness for flowers was nothing, compared to the children, he loves to care for.That's right... Just like that one child sleeping on a bed of Sakura petals, a few meters in front of him. Making sure his approach was silent, Tsuna walked with agile steps, and stopped in front of the lone Sakura tree. He crouched down, and gazed fondly at the slumbering child, a grin on his face.

"No matter what you think little Kai, you're still just a child. So…" The brunet paused and smiled sadly.

"….it's alright not to act so tough." Tsuna smiled a bit brighter, gently picking up the child, and carefully cradling Kai into his arms.

"It'll be alright, nii-san will protect you."


"Ne ne, when will nii-chan come back?" Doe, round eyes stared at her, and she could only sweat nervously in return. Haru laughed awkwardly.

"You see, Tsuna-san won't be coming today, he's busy and…" Haru trailed off when the children surrounding her, started looking upset. Right off bat, she knew something bad was going to happen. She raised her hands, and waved them in front of her face, panicked.

"Ha-hi! Tsuna-san will visit soon, so we must wait patiently, ok?" She smiled hesitantly, when a tug on her apron caught her attention.

"Sensei, will nii-chan come tomorrow?" They stared at her with big, innocent, and expecting eyes, and all she wanted was to dig a hole and die. I can't lie desu! She knew that Tsuna was busy with his new job, but what does she tell her lovable students?

"U-Uhm, you see, Tsuna-san is…uh…hahaha…" She scratched her head and laughed nervously.

"N-Nii-chan won't be c-coming…hick…" Haru stared in horror, as one by one, every child around her started sniffing, tears in their eyes. Please don't cry! Please don't cry!

"UWAAAAH!" The petite brunette covered her ears, as a chorus of cries and screams, stabbed her ringing ears. She felt tears gathering at the back of her eye. Haru closed her eyes tight, and did the only think she knew, that would solve her dilemma.

"Kyoko-chan! Help me!"


Sensing the change in environment, cold blue eyes opened abruptly. Kai sat up on his bed, and looked around him. He was in his room again, it seems…but how? He frowned when his gaze landed on his desk. His stupid babysitter sat there, petting his dog. Tsuna looked up and smiled. Kai glared in return.

"Kai, you're awake. Had a good nap?" Tsuna smiled genuinely, his amusement flaring, when Kai turned away.

"Don't address me so familiarly, stupid herbivore." The child muttered, sulking, and he couldn't help but laugh in response.

"Hibari-kun then?" Kai glared at him more fiercely than before. Tsuna could only grin.

"Kai-kun, it is." The raven-haired child regarded him silently. The brunet tilted his head to the side. Did Kai dislike the way he addressed him?

"Why are you not angry?" Tsuna frowned in confusion. Angry?

"Why should I be?" Kai gritted his teeth, clenching his coverlet in his small hands.

"I attacked you, stupid herbivore." Tsuna stared at him clueless.

"And?" The child stared at him, shocked. Was this man for real? Shouldn't he be cursing, and hating him, just like how all those hags did?

"Are you stupid? You should be mad!"

Kai exclaimed suddenly, and chocolate-brown eyes widened, catching him off guard. Tsuna stared at Kai's quivering form, his glare still in place. The brunet stayed quiet for a moment before sighing. A small smile graced his lips, as he stood, and approached the bed. Kai's form turned right, yet he paid it no heed. Instead, Tsuna sat at the edge of the bed., careful not to startle him.

"Did you want to hurt me?" Tsuna asked softly. Kai clenched his fists again, before begrudgingly shaking his head.

"Then, why should I be mad?" Reaching forward, Tsuna laid his hand atop a fluffy mane, and smiled bright.

"It's my fault, actually. I'm sorry I laughed at you. I didn't mean to offend you. You just reminded me of someone I used to know."

Kai looked down, and stared at his clenched fists. Why was this herbivore so strange? His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, when he felt his hair being ruffled. His gaze landed on his 'babysitter,' who now stood, stretching his arms. Tsuna turned to him and smiled, causing Kai to turn away.

"I know you don't like me very much, but be good to your next babysitter, ok? No more violence, ne?" Kai's eyes widened in surprise. What?

"What do you mean?" A sudden thought struck him and Tsuna understood quickly, why Kai seemed confused.

"Ah. Dino-nii just informed me that I was just a substitute babysitter, so you'll meet your permanent one tomorrow."
Kai stared at him, expressionless, making him feel anxious. Truth be told, it saddens him, that this was his only day to know this child. This child he immediately was fond of…Tsuna smiled small, a bit down with the sudden turn of events. Well, Kai dislikes him—this might be for the better.

"I see…will you…" Kai trailed off unsurely, and Tsuna tilted his head to the side. Hmm?

"Will you ever visit?" Tsuna looked stumped for a second. He wasn't expecting that. He grinned wide.

"If Kai-kun wants to, then, I will."


Long brown hair, tied in a low ponytail, fluttered along the wind, as Tsuna looked back at the mansion. He let his gaze linger for a bit longer before smiling. Tucking his hair behind his right ear, his eyes softened. It was saddening that he had to go, but…it wasn't his place to stay.Just like all the other times...

He would have to start looking for a job soon. The brunet sighed, before looking up, and gazing at the mansion. It was short-lived—his stay here, that is. However, out of all the jobs he had, it was the most…how does he put it? Tsuna shook his head. The past was the past, now, wasn't it? He looked up and stared at Kai's window. He just hoped that young boy would be fine.

"See you another time, Kai-kun."


Loosening his tie, Hibari entered his mansion, only to stop abruptly.

"Shouldn't you be asleep, Kai?"

Said child stared at him with half-lidded eyes, indicating that his son was already too tired. Kai should be, for it was already one in the morning. His son usually slept at nine in the evening. Hibari frowned, before scooping the child into his arms, then proceeding to Kai's room.

"Father?" His son mumbled sleepily.


"I don't want a new babysitter…" Hibari stopped walking, and stared down at his son.

"We already discussed this, Kai." The raven-haired child shook his head.

"No. I want that herbivore as my babysitter." He looked at Kai, questioningly.

"What herbivore?" Kai clenched his suit in his hands, a frown marring his face.

"The babysitter from uncle Dino." Hibari stared bladly.

"He is your babysitter, Kai." Kai looked up at him, confused.

"But the herbivore said, that uncle Dino told him, he was only a substitute."

Kai looked upset, and it surprised him more that it should. It was the first time, his son had ever insisted on a babysitter, and actually waited for him to say it. Hibari frowned. That stupid man was scheming again. Laying Kai down, he uttered.

"He's your permanent babysitter, Kai. Don't believe that blond idiot."

Looking relieved, Kai nodded smiled slightly, catching him off guard. His son never smiled because of someone else before. Always, he looked indifferent and expressionless, much like him when he was younger. Hard, steel eyes softened, before tucking his son to bed.

"You will never stay up like this again, understand?"

His child nodded, and snuggled into the covers. Hibari brushed a few, stray strands of raven hair, before standing up, preparing to leave. He needs to interrogate that reckless horse, as soon as possible.

"Thank you, father." Hibari stopped by the lights, turning them off.

"Good night, Kai." He quietly closed the door, before proceeding to his room. Fishing his phone 
from his pocket, he dialled an all too familiar number. It's time he find out who that babysitter is.


Tsuna felt a shiver run down his spine. He looked around him, before sneezing lightly. Was he coming down with a fever? He felt for his forehead. He felt fine though. Was someone talking about him, then? The brunet shrugged, and lied on his bed. His eyes closed, his consciousness fading slowly. It must be nothing. Yeah, it must be.


"Ah Kyoya! What's u-"

"What's the name of Kai's babysitter?" Dino smiled. Straight to the point as always.

"You should know him, Kyoya. He was a schoolmate of yours at Nami-chuu." Hibari growled low in irritation.

"What's his name?" Dino flinched, seems like he made him mad. The blond sighed.

"His name is Sawada Tsunayoshi." Steel blue eyes widened before narrowing into slits.

"Make sure he comes and babysits Kai tomorrow." Hibari stated curtly.

"Eh? What?"

The line went dead, and Dino could only sigh in defeat. What was wrong with his former student? Hanging up on him like that...Oh well, it was Kyoya, after all. Dino shrugged, his lips turned upward, smirking smugly. Well, at least his plan worked. He chuckled to himself. Things will be very interesting soon, and he couldn't wait to see, how things would play out.

To be continued...

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