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Babysitting Days (Chapter 2)

Summary: Dame-Tsuna, well, was dame. No matter what he did, he failed, except for one though, and that's his innate ability to make children like him. Even if the child was the son of the infamous, Hibari Kyoya.


Chapter 2

Dame-Tsuna, well, was dame. No matter what he did, he absolutely failed. Whether it be cooking, housework, or just plain homework, hefailed. He improved through the years though. Now, at the age of twenty-five, he doesn't blow things up in the kitchen, burn the laundry, and other unmentionable things.

Tsuna could say that he did improve one way or another. It wouldn't have been possible without his former tutor, Reborn. His Spartan ways, bombs, and death threats did a number on him. Those days were the most terrifying days of his life, actually. He didn't have a choice, but to comply with his former teacher's unyielding ways.

As much of a failure was, he liked one thing, and that's taking care of children. Yes, those munchkin-sized monsters they call children. He loved them wholeheartedly. He never understood why some people hated children. Sure, they're annoying at times, and have too much sugar in their system to be considered normal.

However, children were pure, innocent, and adorable. They don't mean harm, well, most of the time anyway. A small smile formed on his lips. They could be a handful, but he always enjoyed taking care of them. But as he stood there, in front of the looming mansion of his new employer, Tsuna wondered belatedly if this was actually a good idea.

"Why am I here again?"

Right, his self-proclaimed, big brother kindly asked him to babysit the son of his friend. Tsuna found it strange, really. Why did Dino ask him of all people? The brunette sighed, and shook his head. He wasn't opposed to it, but for some reason, he didn't feel right being here.

He looked up and stared at the mansion, it reminded him of so many things he didn't want to remember. Pressing the intercom, the brunet waited for someone to answer. The small screen featured an old man. He must be the main butler of the house.

"May I help you?" Tsuna smiled shyly.

"I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi, the new babysitter."

The old man's face paled, before it disappeared, as quickly as it came. Tsuna didn't miss it though. Worry crept into his system. Maybe, coming here wasn't a good idea, after all? The tall, golden gates opened before him, and he was met with the beautiful garden, and fountain he was admiring outside. Truly, the flowers were more beautiful up close. Tsuna looked up, and saw the old man from before waiting for him by the door.

"We have been expecting you, Sawada-sama." Tsuna raised his hands, waving them in front of his face, panicked.

"Please! Tsuna's fine."

The brunet smiled awkwardly, yet the old man's face remained expressionless, as he was led inside. The interior was no less extraordinary than the beautiful gardens outside. Everything seemed perfectly in place with the Western-Japanese infusion as décor.

Glass chandeliers, intricate paintings, and lavish furniture greeted his eyes. From his far side, he could definitely see a few historical artefacts lying about. His new employer must love Japanese tradition, for if the countless tea sets were any indication, then, he was right. The mansion was beautiful, yes, but it felt…Tsuna frowned. It felt absolutely empty, why is that?

The brunet looked around him. He could see maids and butlers milling about, so why did they need someone like him to babysit one child? He pursed his lips in thought. There was something he was definitely missing. More than that, Dino was certainly hiding something from him. Shaking his head, he looked ahead, and quietly followed.

They stopped at a set of large, mahogany doors. Tsuna stopped to admire the detailed carvings in awe. Countless vines with blossoming flowers all swirled towards the center, surrounding multiple flowerets. At the center, a single blossom stood out, all its petals stretched out before it. Tsuna blinked in disguised admiration. Whoever did that was just too amazing.

"Young master Kai is just inside his room. We expect that you cater to his needs for the rest of the day. If you would need anything, please contact us through the intercom in Bocchama's room." The butler bowed low, turned around and walked out of his sight. Tsuna stood there awkwardly. What does he do now?

Heaving a breath, he knocked nervously. He did have to meet the child one way or another, right? Silent, almost non-existent, footsteps neared the door. It wasn't long before he was faced with a small child. Caramel-colored eyes clashed with ice blue. Tsuna stared at the child, speechless.



"Ya Kyoya, how's it going?" Dino grinned wide only to be met with Hibari's glare. The blond Italian laughed nervously, raising his hands in defence.

"Hora, I didn't come here to bother you, Kyoya." Steel-grey eyes slid towards him, silently inquiring. Dino smiled before sitting himself in front of his former student.

"So? Have you met the new babysitter?" Flipping through the pages of the file in his hands, Hibari opted not to answer. Of course, Dino already anticipated this, and only leaned back on his chair.

"Guess not, huh? You should know him well, though." At this, his interest was piqued. Turning towards the lounging man before him, he asked.

"He? Kai hates men." Hibari stated crisply and Dino only grinned in return.

"I know." An eyebrow rose in question, a frown marring his face.

"And? I asked you to find me a competent babysitter. Do I have to find another one again?" Dino sat up straight and smiled wide, his eyes curving into crescents. It irked Hibari. It reminded him of someone he hated to deal with. What the hell was wrong with the Bronco?

"Don't worry, Kyoya. I don't think you'll need another one for a very long time." Hibari closed the file he was holding, his whole attention now on Dino.

"You're hiding something." Dino only laughed in response.

"Nothing really but it's true though. Wanna bet?" Hibari scoffed in disdain.

"Bets are beneath me. I make deals, Bronco." Golden brown eyes gleamed in mirth.

"You have a deal, then."


Tsuna fidgeted in his seat. What was up with this situation of his? The child from before, now, stared down at him with cold eyes. It reminded him sorely of someone he used to fear back in middle school. A glare marred the cherubic features, and Tsuna could only sit there anxiously.

"You know my father?" Tsuna looked up at the sudden question, and he only nodded, a small 
smile graced his lips.

"Not really, but he was quite famous back in our school. Haha." Tsuna laughed nervously, scratching his cheek in thought. Yes, famous wasn't even a word to describe it. Whoever it was that who didn't know of Hibari Kyoya in Nami-chuu was a complete imbecile. His acts of violence were always known among the students. Heck, even the principal feared him.

"You're here because of father, aren't you?" The child stared at him indifferently. Tsuna could only wonder how in hells' name, was Hibari able to produce an exact replica of himself in the form of a son. The personality, uncanny looks, and everything else for that matter. He shivered lightly. Not a good thought. Kai glared suddenly, catching him off guard.

"I detest you." Kai uttered ominously, his blue eyes shining with anger. He hated men, why was he given a male babysitter? Hags were better than any man he would encounter, except for his father and uncle Dino that is. Kai stared at his new babysitter, staring at him straight in the eyes. He felt his anger building up. This babysitter must be thinking how he shouldn't be taken seriously, since he was a child.

"Get in my way and I'll bite you to death." Tsuna stared at Kai, who was glaring at him so fiercely, and uttering those familiar words. The brunet didn't know why, but he found himself chuckling lightly. He covered his mouth in mirth.

"Hahaha." Kai stared at the laughing man. Was he making fun of him? He glared once again, procuring a set of wooden tonfas—a gift from his father—from under the table.

"Don't make fun of me!" He lashed out, and quickly brought his weapons down at the smiling man. He didn't need to hold back against his new babysitter, he was male, though he looks prettier than most of their maids. Kai wouldn't let him get away with laughing at him.

"You shouldn't be quick to anger, Kai." Tsuna smiled softly, his eyes gentle as he held the tonfas in his hands with bare hands. Kai stared at the man, shocked. He was able to block his attack when it was strong enough to destroy furniture? Like a wounded animal, the raven-haired child jumped back, his whole form tense. This long haired man looked weak, but how was he able to block his tonfas? Kai glared and Tsuna smiled back.

"Fight me." Kai bit out, his form on the offensive. Tsuna regarded the small child coolly, analysing and carefully observing, before chuckling a bit. Now, he knew why.

"Fighting isn't good, Kai." Small hands tightened around his weapons.

"You think I'm weak, don't you, herbivore?" Herbivore? Really just like Hibari but…Tsuna closed his eyes before shaking his head. He stepped forward, causing Kai to stand on guard, yet the brunet didn't mind. He stopped before Kai, blocking the tonfas that came his way.

Once the weapons were in his hands, Tsuna kneeled down, staring straight into quivering blue orbs. He smiled genuinely, his gaze soft and understanding. Out of all the children he met, somehow, he felt that Kai, by far, was the most innocent.

"Kai…strength is not measured by fighting. As young as Kai is…" Kai glared and Tsuna laughed. "…you are strong…" A sudden glint in ice blue eyes had Tsuna smiling in return. "…but fighting isn't the solution to everything." Kai turned away from him, his features once again indifferent, before turning back to him.

"You're wrong, herbivore. I despise your stupid way of thinking." The raven-haired child glared, before yanking his tonfas away from Tsuna's grip, and running outside his room. The brunet stood there watching Kai run away from him. He sighed. Maybe, this would be harder than he first thought it would be.

To be continued...

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