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Babysitting Days (Chapter 4)

Summary: Dame-Tsuna, well, was dame. No matter what he did, he failed, except for one though, and that's his innate ability to make children like him. Even if the child was the son of the infamous, Hibari Kyoya.


Chapter 4

"So, you're my permanent babysitter?" Kai uttered blandly while it took all his might not to fidget on the spot. How could a child be so imposing? For someone who was adept in taking care of children, Tsuna had been introduced to many many young-lings, but never had he met a child who could stump him speechless. Like father, like son, huh?

That very morning, he had been sleeping away as if his life depended on it, but no…his annoying, self-proclaimed brother had found it necessary to wake him up. Banging on his door so early in the morning, then proceeding to pull him towards his car, disabling him from changing…the brunet could definitely feel his ears heating up, as Kai surveyed his clothes. Really, it happened way too fast for him to comprehend.

Dino grinned wolfishly beside him, seemingly amused with the sudden turn of events. His eyes slid towards the blond in disdain. The nerve of him laughing his ass off when it was his fault to begin with. He wouldn't be feeling like a fish out of water, if it weren't for Dino's stupid ways of waking people up.

To think Kai gets to see him in his 'unmanly' pajamas. Well, to the brunet's defence, the patterns were cute, appealing even. Or not. Since he could definitely the raven-haired child's questioning gaze. Tsuna could just hope that Kai would spare him.

"Rubber ducks, herbivore?" Tsuna flushed embarrassedly, covering a part of his face, as he groaned into his hand. Dino laughed from the side lines, and the brunet could only wonder. What did I get into?


Kusakabe Tetsuya was a very perceptive man. He also had a set of principles established from the beginning. Aside from inflicting punishment on the wrong doers, he also longed to serve someone he solely respected. It didn't take long, before he found the person, he would be serving for the rest of his life. And that individual was none other than his superior, boss, and friend—Hibari Kyoya.

Ever since middle school, he had been under the man's authority, and he never dared to disobey him. He wouldn't do it now, and neither would he do it in the near future. Hibari Kyoya had been his saviour, saving him from a group of thugs, who just found him an eyesore, and beating them half dead. Kusakabe didn't leave unscathed though. The only reason he was not beaten as bad as they were, was because he was a student of Nami-chuu.

The inevitable happened, and he quickly joined the disciplinary committee. He didn't regret serving him then, until now. A plus with working for this man, had taught him many things about him. Take his habits for example. Many would assume right away that he was a man of bitter tastes, when in all actuality; Hibari Kyoya had a sweet tooth. He frequently ate Japanese sweets when in the privacy of his office.

He also loved tea to the point that he drinks it more often than water. One could say that his superior had delicate tastes, aside from having a refined palate. That sensitivity had saved him countless times when some idiot dared to poison him. Every kind of tea had its own characteristic smell, color, and taste. Drinking it for so many years would hone one's senses. It wasn't different when it came to his leader, much to the chagrin of his supposed assassins or slanderers.

Hibari Kyoya was also very generous. Everyone within his acre of land would definitely be under his protection. Any famished town or impoverish company would receive his good graces, as long as they do not do anything that would anger him. Many would be doubtful about this, but his superior also loved animals, or anything small and weak. It was a strange fascination, Kusakabe guessed. Since he was strong and dominant, the rule of physics applies, 'opposites attract.'

There were few things he liked, didn't care about, and just plainly ignored. There are many things he hated though, and one of things he hated so much, was the meetings with the other conglomerates. One such man is Byakuran, the fox-faced, and manipulative president of the Millefiore. Another was the head of one of the biggest networking and informant companies around, Rokudo Mukuro. Hibari Kyoya hated them with a passion, that just the mere mention of their names, sent his mood careening down to dangerous levels. Unfortunately, his employees suffered the brunt of his deadly mood.

No, he didn't hurt them, but his aura becomes overly oppressive, that he had to isolate his superior in his office, for the rest of the day. He does that by adding more paperwork to his workload. Many may not know this, but Hibari Kyoya was fond of the abhorred paperwork that many so hate. As much as he wanted to feel guilty for working their president to the point of exhaustion, it was necessary for the mental stability of their workers.

"Tetsu, tea." Kusakabe stood, quickly doing as was ordered. His day now starts, and he knew that later on in the afternoon, he would need to secretly add more paperwork on his superior's desk. After all, the meeting with the other presidents today would be a joint one. What would happen to them if he didn't do that, right?


"Ano…Kai-kun…" Tsuna trailed off, hesitant in expressing his query.

"Hn." For a mere child, Hibari's child really did know how to ignore another's existence. If he were a bit delusional, he would suspect that Kai was just Hibari, shrunken to the size of a child. The brunet sighed, what the hell was he thinking anyway?

He looked around him in uncertainty. Was this how schools looked like nowadays? A long pavement stretched before them, a fountain a few meters from where they stood with a statue of an angel as its centrepiece, and lush trees lined along the acres of land. He knew he had been away for some time, but to think so many things have changed here in Namimori…it was a bit overwhelming…

"Kai-kun…" He called out to the child, and in spite of his irritation at being lied to by his uncle, Kai looked back. He saw his babysitter staring into the distance, and though he could care less, he walked back, and took hold of the herbivore's hand.

"I don't want to be late, herbivore." Tsuna stared at Kai, his eyes wide, surprised by the sudden gesture. The child steadily held his gaze, his small hand firmly gripping his. His eyes softened, and a small smile graced his lips, his hand enclosing Kai's.

"Sorry, Kai-kun, let's go?" With his nod, they both proceeded towards the prep school, hand in hand. Throughout their walk, it had been quite strange. Sure, there were other children running about, but what caught Tsuna's attention were the incredulous stares directed at them. Children and adults alike stared at them. It was unnerving, but didn't let it get to him. It didn't take long before he was led into his young charge's classroom.

Just like outside, the inside of the school was just as grand. The marble walls and the sparkling hallways, he could only wonder if this really was a children's school. It almost looked like a school for high school students, sorely different from the day care he frequented near his home.

The brunet didn't even know that a school like this existed. Kai's school felt too restricted. Are children supposed to feel this suppressed? Opening the classroom door, they walked inside; taking note of the sudden silence that reigned once they entered.

"Herbivore…" Tsuna looked down, his attention wholly on Kai. "….babysitters just watch from the side." The child gestured to the back, and saw other adults sitting down on the chairs lined by the wall. The brunet nodded and smiled, before kneeling on one knee and ruffling Kai's hair.

"Then, good luck, Kai-kun." The other children and their babysitters watched the interaction nervously. They knew this wouldn't end well. Hibari's son always treated his babysitters harshly, and this time wouldn't be any different. However, when Kai only nodded obediently, they felt their jaws slacken, the absurdity of the situation too hard to comprehend. He always pushed away his babysitters from before, what's different with this one now?

Tsuna knew he was gifted with sensitivity beyond the norm, hyper intuition one could say. That's why he knew that everyone in the room was staring at him, when he sat at the back. What did he do this time? The teacher came in, and the customary greeting was done, stand, bow, and then sit down. It was good to know that some things didn't change. The brunet watched as the teacher in front took his place at his desk, before surveying the classroom with keen eyes.

"I presume that everyone did their homework?" One by one, the children took out their assigned work from their desks, before quickly passing them up front. Tsuna stared at all these with mild disbelief. How could this be a preparatory school for young children? Weren't schools for them supposed to be fun and interactive? Exactly what kind of discipline were they enforcing on the young ones? His brow knitted in confusion, and slight anger. This was not what he expected at all.

"Alright, now that all the papers are taken into account, we will proceed with the lesson. From where we left off, the different shapes representing mathematical figures range from…" Tsuna lightly massaged his temples. He could feel a headache coming. What kind of tyranny was this? 

For these children to be subjected to this kind of education so early in the years, it was just…sad. The brunet didn't even care if this was a school for the gifted and talented. Children were entitled to enjoy themselves, especially as young as they were now.

"Does anybody know the origins and formula of the Pythagorean theorem?" Tsuna blanched. They learn this too? He knew what the Pythagorean theorem was at fourteen! Well, he wouldn't even bother with it if Reborn had not intervened, and forced—threatened him to memorize every mathematical equation known to man. He looked up, and watched as the teacher's gaze zeroed in on his charge.

"Hibari-kun, do you know?" The man's tone was sharp and mocking, and it had his eyes narrowing. It didn't take a genius to know that the teacher didn't like Kai. The raven-haired child stood, a glare marring his youthful face, before reciting dutifully.

"The Pythagorean theorem, also known as Pythagoras theorem is a next of kin to the Euclidean geometry…." Kai paused, and Tsuna could only smile as the teacher stared at him speechless. If the widened eyes, and gaping mouth were indications, then yes, his adorable charge had stunned him.

"….among the three sides of a triangle. Its formula is a2 + b2 = c2." Kai sat down, his expression still contorted to that of displeasure. The brunet could only have the same sentiments. It was quite disappointing, for an adult such as the man in front, to act so immaturely, and try to embarrass a child. Pathetic.

"Next time, be more specific when answering, Hibari-kun." His tone didn't soften in the least, if anything; it was more spiteful than before. Tsuna stared at the teacher, his face expressionless, and his eyes blazing. Anymore of this and he would intervene. For now, however, he would watch over Kai, and protect him as he promised he would.


"Oi, where's Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn asked, his eyes sharp and calculating as he stared him down. Dino tried his hardest not to flinch, and instead, smiled awkwardly. Right, Reborn didn't know that Tsuna will be working continuously as a babysitter, which unfortunately, could mean his demise if he didn't resolve this soon.

"…he's working? Haha." The blond tried to laugh it off, hoping it would lessen the killing intent emanating from his former tutor. However, it proved to be useless when Reborn only glared at him.

"Working?" His tone of voice was anything but pleasant. Dino could definitely hear the warning bells ringing loudly in his head.

"The babysitting job I told you before?" He knew he wasn't imagining it when he heard the cock of a gun. It took all of his sheer will, not to reminisce those morbid days of torture in his hands, and to think they were almost the same age.

"When did he start?" Reborn asked, his patience already thinning. He was only away for less than three days, and that stupid student of his had floundered off, and accepted another job. And it came from his former no-good student as well. He knew of this beforehand, but he didn't think, Tsuna would be hired permanently. He already had his suspicions, but for now, he would let his curiosity abate.

"I wasn't told of this because?" Dino felt sweat gathering at his forehead, and at the back of his neck. He was a complete failure without his subordinates around, and he was utterly helpless when Reborn was angry. Add those two lovable factors and you get a quivering mess of Dino-goo.

"Because Tsuna said he would tell you himself! Yeah, that's it!" The blonde Italian really tried to convince himself, that Reborn would buy hislame excuse, but with the way he was staring at him, it obviously didn't work.

"Who is he working for?" He pulled at his tie, his eyes taking in every twitch and gesture, Dino had been making for the past few minutes. Actions speak louder than words, after all. He watched as his former student sighed before leaning back on his chair. A smug smirk formed on his lips. He really should know better than hiding anything from him.

"Hibari Kyoya." Dino watched as Reborn's eyes darkened, the faintest light that was usually reflected in his eyes, disappeared quickly, the dark hues swallowing everything in its wake. Without another word, he turned around, walked out, and slammed the door behind him.
He could only stare at his door in mild surprise. Now, that was a reaction he didn't expect. His paled suddenly. It wasn't as if he was expecting something drastic or life threatening…well, he was. Who could blame him when he had been in similar situations just years before?

The blond sighed, lightly massaging his temple. It wouldn't be long, before this mild headache he had been having for the past days, would turn into one mind-blowing migraine. I really need Romario to stock a couple of painkillers in my office. He muttered to himself, his face set in a grimace. Now that Reborn knew, one way or another they would know too. It seems that his plans wouldn't go as smoothly as he would like them to be.

Dino ruefully smiled, the smallest hints of his teeth peeking from his lips. It wasn't as if he had not expected the same obstacle in his schemes. Long before this very day came, he had already planned every single detail.

"Maa, time to work." He stretched his stiff limbs, rolling the joints of his shoulders as he did. His eyes closed in content before opening abruptly, revealing his golden brown orbs, shining briefly in mischief. A smirk graced his lips. His hard word would not be in vain, for he was already formulating for so many years—ten years exactly. His percentage for failure was….

"Zero percent."


The drive towards the mansion was eerily silent, and for once, Tsuna did not mind the uneasy atmosphere. Kai sat beside him, his gaze outside the window, a scowl etched on his face, as his hand supported his chin. If the brunet didn't know better, he would say that the child was sulking. But, he wouldn't be so presumptuous to think of him that way. It was cute, nonetheless. A frown suddenly appeared on his face.

He couldn't blame Kai for being so irritated. It took an enormous amount of patience, and self-control to prevent himself, from rebuffing the people in Kai's school. It would seem that none of his classmates were fond of him. Everyone was scared of him, actually. The babysitters and teachers weren't any different. They thought of him as a nuisance, a child with no form of discipline whatsoever. Sure, he had heard that his young charge had been violent, but who wouldn't be, when he was as suppressed as he was, at home and school?

Tsuna glanced at the sulking child, his heart reaching out to him. The brunet didn't like the school, and he also abhorred its way of teaching. Even geniuses flourished under normal circumstances. For young children to be faced with the fact that they were different right off bat would be unfair. No, it was cruel. He wryly smiled as an unbidden thought came to mind. That's Hibari-san for you.

It wouldn't be surprising that Hibari would want the best for his son. After all, he expected perfection even during their younger years. It still saddened him somehow. The lush greenery outside had his mind wandering before another idea popped in his head. Quickly, he turned to Kai, his eyes bright, and a grin on his lips.

"Kai-kun, why don't we go out tomorrow?" It was a school day, but classes at Kai's school only lasted for half a day, the afternoon would be free for him to do what he wanted to do. Kai looked sceptical, his brows furrowing in confusion.

"I'll take you somewhere fun, sounds good?" Hibari's son stared at him before opening his mouth.

"No, it sounds stupid, herbivore." Tsuna laughed awkwardly as he scratched his head.

"It would be fun, I promise." Kai only stared at him, making him sigh. He really wanted to do this, and though he didn't want to use his ace, he hardly had a choice.

"I'll teach you my way of fighting if you come with me." Now, that caught his attention. Tsuna could hardly contain his smile when the child's eyes sparkled. Really too alike with that person.

"Fine, but we have to ask father first." He froze at this, his heartbeat accelerating suddenly. He knew that a day would come that he would meet Hibari, he just didn't think it would be this soon, not after so long. With a burdened sigh, he crookedly smiled.

"Let me ask him, Kai-kun."


Hibari Kyoya was not a patient man. Every single person who knew him, was well informed of that very important fact. These ingrates sitting before him, however, seemed to have forgotten that his patience was close to non-existent. They bickered like the herbivores that they were. Unrefined and absolutely stupid.

"Maa Mukuro-kun, that was not part of the agreement, ne Kyoya-kun?"

"Kufufu. There was a glitch in your plan, Byakuran. I personally looked over that pathetic excuse of a contract."

"Would you all just shut the hell up and get this fucking meeting over with?"

"Now, now, Gokudera, you will die from high blood pressure if you always get angry." And that came from the stupid Bronco, who just smiled, and laughed at the barbaric antics of his business partners. It wasn't amusing him in the least, that their meeting, had stretched from an hour to five. They weren't even half done yet. His hands were twitching to get his weapons and let it be over with. He needed any form of distraction, and he needed it now.

Midori tanabiku namimori no

Dai naku shou naku name ga ii

Hibari quickly fished through his pockets for his phone. Everyone else stopped to listen. They knew that only one person was allowed to call him at all times, and that was his young son. He had two phones at his disposal, one for his business transactions, and another one solely for Kai. It was unprecedented; however, that Kai would call him during work. He never called before and for him to call him now…

"Is there something wrong, Kai?" He heard shuffling from the other side, and Hibari could hardly contain his irritation, when he saw every single individual in the room was listening on him.

"Father, my babysitter would like to ask you something." His eyes widened before frowning slightly, and they only leaned closer. Dino sat beside him, just for good measure. If he could right now, he would bite them to death, literally.

"Hand him the phone." He stated crisply, and shuffling was heard once again, before a soft voice flitted across the room.

"Uhm…Hibari-san…this i-"

"Sawada Tsunayoshi." At the mention of the name, Gokudera stood upright, his curiosity now piqued, and he moved to get closer, much to Hibari's annoyance.

"Hai, I apologize for disturbing your work." His voice was an octave lower than he remembered, softer and gentler too. Dino smiled, a grin on his face before shouting.

"Tsuna! How are you? Is there something you need?" Hibari glared at him, his hold on his phone now tighter than before.

"I believe you are not part of this conversation, Bronco." Tsuna could only sigh tiredly. His adopted brother really was a bit dense at times. Hibari was definitely not a happy camper. He could only imagine what would happen when they finally meet. Tsuna shivered. He didn't want to think about it.

"What is it, herbivore?" Hibari growled out, and though they were speaking through phones, he tried not to flinch.

"I-I just wanted to take Kai out tomorrow…would that be alright?" Silence lasted far too long for Tsuna's tastes, and every second that ticked by had his anxiety rising.

"….have the chauffer and Kai's bodyguard accompany you. Kai sleeps at nine, be home by seven." The breath he was holding came out in one quick rush of air, and a smile lighted up his face. Kai stared at him, and he quickly gave a thumbs up.

"Thank you, Hibari-san!" Tsuna cheerfully exclaimed before hanging up. He grinned wide and ruffled Kai's hair.

"We can play all we want tomorrow, Kai-kun!" Kai watched his babysitter humming happily as he petted his dog. He looked even childish than some of the children he knew. What was wrong with this herbivore? He confused him more than what he learned at school. His babysitters before, always looked scared when they were alone. Some just didn't look as joyful as this herbivore before him. He pursed his lips in thought. Maybe, he would figure it out tomorrow.


Hibari shut his phone, pointedly ignoring their stares. Mukuro smirked, his eyes flashing for a second.

"The little devil actually has a babysitter now?" Dino grinned.

"Yeah, and he's my cute little brother!" Byakuran leaned against his palm, his eyes curved into crescents, as he chuckled.

"Hmm…I would like to meet this Tsunayoshi myself." Hibari didn't react in the slightest. He had no time for this.

"Oi Hibari, is that Sawada the same one that studied in Namimori?" Said man didn't answer, prompting Dino to do it instead.

"Bingo. And he's the same Sawada Tsunayoshi who was in your class ten years ago."


When Tsuna stepped foot on his apartment, he didn't think that somebody else would be there. Yet, there he was, his figure intimidating as he leaned against the wall, his eyes following his every movement. The brunet stepped back, and laughed nervously.

"H-Hi there, Reborn…." He trailed off when he saw him walking towards him, a smirk on his face, promising many horrifyingly unmentionable things.

"You have a lot of explaining to do, Dame-Tsuna."


To be continued...

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