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Flowers of Redemption (Kuroko no Basket)

Summary: Truly, you never know how important someone is until they're gone. It was a mistake. It was just simple carelessness before they realized, their Kuroko Tetsuya was already forever gone. What is lost can never be saved, or is it? GoMxKuroko

Chapter 1: Mourning Bride

Small and pale-looking hands reached up as the snow fell in gentle drops against his skin. It was snowing again. The time where everything is silent, the time when the festivities among houses arise as they celebrate Christmas. It was also the time when he celebrated with them. Kuroko stared up at the darkened sky, his blue blue eyes hazy, letting the droplets glide against his skin.

Where did everything go wrong? His hands shook, unable to stay up any longer. It was futile, one could say. To try and reach for the snow, when it melts just as quickly. Really, it was a waste of time. Sky blue strands swayed against the wind, his frail body shuddering against the biting cold. Kuroko knew he would get terribly sick if he stayed outside like this. He was also well aware of the fact that the staggering cold could land him in the hospital. However, for now, he did not care. He didn't have the energy to move, anyway, much less stand and enter his house. Yes, his empty house.

To be honest, it was the worst time to be melancholic, as well as the most inconvenient time to feel weak and battered. Where does he go now? He had nowhere else to go. For almost three long years, he had celebrated every holiday with them for he had no one but them. His parents, who are they? He had not seen them for almost ten years. Siblings? He was an only child. Relatives? He knew not one. Friends? Theywere his friends.

Kuroko knew this would be coming sooner or later. He had tried to delay the inevitable. He tried to fight against fate, had tried to stop the hands of time, had tried to not let it happen to the point where he was vomiting blood for trying. He knew all along that this would happen. He had known all this time. Knew with all his heart, mind, being, and soul. He was no longer needed. He tried not to think of it. He could just forget it. He would be able to bury it in the deepest recesses of his mind. He could just forget it, he can do it if he tried. He knew he could. He ca—

"Tsk." Kuroko lowered his head against his bent knee. His lower lip bleeding slightly from biting. A small smile graced his blue-tinted lips,mocking his cowardly self. He was tired, oh so tired. He could no longer do this. He didn't like this, it had to stop. His persistence would just cost him to break and such tragedy was not something he could afford right now. Kuroko opened his eyes and his unfocused gaze found itself on the inky cloudy sky. His shoulders sagged against the cold cement wall. It's too late to change anything now. He was already too exhausted to continue. 

"" His voice was barely above a whisper. It was as if his cracked lips were only moving without sound, like a fish out of water. It was enough, Kuroko thought. He had done more than enough. They were just too far away to reach. They were too many steps ahead of him. Catching up to them would be the same as embracing the sky, and as impossible as finding the pot of golden coins at the end of the rainbow. What else could he do, when he was only a shadow, and they, his light? 

Small, unnoticeable, droplets of tears fell from his eyes. It's enough, was the words chanting in his mind, over and over, like a broken record put on repeat.
His eyelids closed slowly, finally hiding his dull orbs, his eyes the windows to his hurt soul. The last of his consciousness faded away, his last thought, a small relief he had hoped would lull him into a false sense of security. It's over.

Momoi stared at the gray sky, her anxiety rising as seconds ticked by. For reasons unknown to her, her pulse had been racing for quite some time. A slim wrist settled over her generous bosom, just where her beating heart was. Her heart was beating loudly, her pulse prickling her.Painfully. Harshly. Continuously. It was unsettling, as much as it was frightening at the implications of what her body was telling her. She knew she was gifted. Gifted with profound intelligence and unfathomable prediction. She was mostly underestimated though, due to her alluring appearance. However, once they saw a glimpse of her ability, some were left in awe, a few with respect, and many with jealousy.

She cared none for them though. She only cared about them, none other than her boys. They were her most precious treasures and they come above anyone else, aside from her family that is. She cared for them just as a sister would, as a mother would, and as a friend would. Her middle school years revolved around them. They were currently her life, and they were a part of her, as she, they. That's why...Momoi looked down at her clenched fists. She closed her eyes, willing not to let herself cry.

That's why it was hard to see them now. To see them so lost, it was undeniably painful. The Generation of Miracles, each and everyone of them did possess talents unmatched by anyone else, as well as capabilities to excel in athletics, in general. But why couldn't anyone understand?
As talented as they are, and as monstrous as their prowess were on court, they were still just that. 

They were still young boys. They were still immature teens who lived through life the way they only know how. They get hurt, disappointed, and broken. It was unfair for them to be subjected to so much hate, pressure, and expectations. Why couldn't anyone else see?
Momoi slowly opened her eyes. No. She shook her head lightly. There was still one who knew best, and there was only one who understood most of all. Her first love, and the only person she could ever think to love—Kuroko Tetsuya. Her eyes shone suddenly with determination as she turned away from her bedroom window.

She grabbed her winter jacket, gloves, cell, and earmuffs before making her way outside and towards the snow covered pavements. Maybe, she could confide in him. Maybe, they would be able to think of a way to stop this. And just maybe, both Kuroko and her would be able to make them change, to save them from themselves.

It would be impossible to talk to her childhood friend. Aomine Daiki never listened to her anyway. Momoi slowed down from her run, as she bent over her knees, trying to catch her breath. She panted against the cold wind, her puffs of breath becoming white mist in front of her. Come to think of it, the Generation of Miracles only ever truly listened to their captain, Akashi, and one seemingly invisible man, Kuroko. 

She never did understand why they did so. She could guess that their undying loyalty towards Akashi was out of fear, for Kuroko, however, it was still confusing.
Even she herself could not understand her strange affinity and almost obsessive attraction towards him. Kuroko Tetsuya was an enigma. He was a main character who seemed indifferent and looked bland as the rest of him was, but inside he was the one who cared most, loved most, and defended most. He was a complete mystery. Her gift of perception couldn't help her read him the way she could to others.

If she were to look at Kuroko from a different point of view, she would definitely conclude he was not worth her time. However, at a second glance, you would be captivated, your eyes would be unable to turn away from him. Momoi Satsuki may have an envied physical appearance, however, Kuroko possessed true beauty inside and out, while she was crude and manipulative.

Staring at him closely, she realized that he was indeed a sight to behold. He had pale skin, which looked even creamier and healthier than hers, a petite waist that a normal boy wouldn't have, and blue hair so soft as if the sky had plucked a part of its body to place it on Kuroko's head.
There was something magnetic about Kuroko, and it was proven with the way the other Generation of Miracles acted around him. Even though Dai-chan grumbles, he listens and cares for Kuroko like no other. Never mind Ryou-kun who would do absolutely everything for the sake of his one and only 'Kuroko-cchi.'

Midorin always takes time to tell their phantom player about his horoscopes, and makes sure to bring along with him Kuroko's lucky item. While Atsushi-kun shares his sweets with him and no one else. Their captain had always taken into account Kuroko's weak body, and gives only him the pleasure of resting, as well as days off.

Kuroko Tetsuya was the magnet, the center, and the piece gluing them together. He was important to them, to all of them. It was a fact that never changed, even now that they were like this. They still cared for Kuroko, for her, for their team, but everything was buried within. A strong armor had formed around their hearts. Momoi could only hope that the price they paid for all the enemies they had created, and teams they had destroyed would not be a price too high to pay.

Her steps echoed against the seemingly apartment complex. The foreboding feeling only grew stronger as she neared the floor of Kuroko's apartment. The elevator stopped at the 11th floor. With paranoia sticking to her like second skin, she stepped out of the confined space. She walked towards one corner of the floor, knowing Kuroko's apartment was located at the last corridor.

She turned left, her eyes adjusting to the darkness. She squinted a bit, there was something dark against one door. Fear gripped her heart.Don't tell me it's a g-ghost! She panicked inside but her urge to see her love was stronger. Her feet carried her closer and once she did, a scream was ripped from her throat, her cries echoing throughout the building.

The IV connected to a pale wrist, the tube connected to a small mouth, and the beeping of the machine had her quivering and sobbing on her seat.

"You saved him just in time, young lady. Any later, and he would have..." Her family doctor, Miyaguchi Yukisho, trailed off and she nodded. She understood perfectly what would have happened if she was only a minute late.

"H-How is T-Tetsu-kun, sensei?" She tried not to let her voice quiver but her trembling hands, holding onto Kuroko's left hand betrayed her.

"He is slightly malnourished and almost suffered severe hypothermia. Mild concussion, dehydration, fatigue, and low blood pressure among many of his diagnosis." Her breath hitched at every word. Grasping cold fingers, she let her forehead rest against Kuroko's unresponsive hand.

"We'll need to re-examine him when he wakes up, Momoi-san. We need to know the extent of the damage on his head and his body. Fortunately, he only suffered frostnip in his fingers and toes, keeping him warm would be enough. We'll also have to contact his parents, do you have their number, Momoi-san?"

She stiffened at the mention of Kuroko's parents, her mellow temperament flaring for a second. Coldly, she answered.

"Tetsu-kun doesn't have parents." Miyaguchi nodded in understanding.

"I see, would it be alright if I call your parents to have some papers signed for Kuroko-san? There are also matters for the dues and medicine needed to be paid." Almost mechanically, she nodded.

"They wouldn't mind. They treat Tetsu-kun like their own." And we're filthy rich. It would be of no consequence to them if they paid for Kuroko's debts. Besides, as invincible as his parents were, they did ensure that he was living well. Some parents they are. Couldn't they visit him just once? It wouldn't be too much to ask now, right? She heard the door click, leaving her alone with Kuroko. Gingerly, she let her fingers run through his hair. What have they done? She was too stupid not to realize sooner. It was no wonder she was unsettled for most of the day. If I didn't come, what could... Tears fell from her eyes. No, it was too painful to think about that.

"I'm sorry, Tetsu-kun. I'm sorry..." What could she tell him when he wakes up? More than that, what could she tell the others once winter break is over?


"Everyone, gather around." A simple command, a shout was unnecessary. His voice was already powerful enough for everyone to listen. He speaks, his team listens, no one asks. It was a simple rule, really. He does not condone rule-breakers. Akashi let his gaze sweep around him. The first string stood before him, the second behind them, and the third string the last in line. As the captain, he knew all his members' faces and names.

"Second and third strings, you will be excused from practice today."

"Understood, captain!" They bowed and turned to leave, no questions asked. They scattered, dispersed, leaving only he and the first strings behind. He silently stared at them as their bodies eased up.

"Where is Tetsuya?" They all froze, only now did they realize the absence of their sixth phantom player. Simultaneously, they turned their head here and there, looking for Kuroko.

"Kuroko-cchi has never been absent before. Aomine-cchi! Do you know where he is?" At the abhorred nickname, Aomine glared before muttering.

"No, Tetsu didn't text me today."

Midorima pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "His horoscope isn't good today, his lucky item is a stuffed pineapple."

Murasakibara continued eating his sweets while Akashi observed everyone silently. They were a bunch of hopeless idiots. They couldn't possibly answer him properly. He looked back, his gaze settling on one lone female sitting on the bench, silently staring at the clipboard.

"Satsuki." She flinched, her form tense. She placed one hand over her chest, her heart beating wildly. She looked up, only to see everyone staring her. Momoi smiled hesitantly.

"Yes, what is it?"

Akashi ignored her initial reaction, instead, he repeated his question. "Where is Tetsuya?" 

Her reaction was not what they expecting as her eyes widened, and her hands trembled. Her clipboard fell, along with a lone white envelop slipping from the fallen files.

"Oi Satsuki, what's wrong?" Aomine stepped forward, suddenly alarmed at her sudden distress. Kise followed soon after with Midorima, while Akashi and Murasakibara stayed back. Bending over slightly, Akashi took the envelope in his hands. Curiously turning it over, his body froze and his eyes turned dark.

"Satsuki." They all stopped fussing over Momoi, opting to turn their attention towards their captain. He only used that tone whenever something greatly displeased him. When it happens, someone gets hurt badly.

"What is the meaning of this?" Akashi raised the envelope high enough for everyone to see.

Resignation Letter - Kuroko Tetsuya

They gaped wordlessly at the white envelope before Momoi burst out in tears, her whole form shook, startling them as she cried her heart out.

"M-Momoi-chan, what's wrong!" She sobbed as if the world was ending. Midorima and Kise were left to reluctantly comfort her as Aomine grabbed the envelope from Akashi's hands.

"What the hell is the meaning of this!" Aomine roared over the noise, his anger flaring as he tore the envelope to shreds. He turned to Momoi who was crying her eyes out.

"Oi Satsuki, explain this!" She hiccuped as she tried to stop her tears. It felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest.

"Aomine-cchi! You don't have to be so mean!"

"Don't be so insensitive, Aomine."

"Shut up! You don't know anything so shut the hell up!"

"Stop fighting like children!" She screeched, getting everyone else to quiet down. She glared at them, her eyes harsh and accusing.

"It's all your fault! All of you! If you weren't all fucking idiots, it wouldn't have happened!" They stared at her as if she had grown another head. Never did they hear their manager cuss before.

"Now, now, Momoi-chan, you're overreacting. Kuro-"

"Overreacting?" She stood, her whole form trembling as she looked down.

"You don't know anything! Tetsu-kun...Tetsu-kun is..."
Aomine gritted his teeth, his patience already long gone. "Well? Spit it out already, Satsuki!"

Momoi looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Dai-chan..." She whispered brokenly, taking him aback. She had never sounded like that before. It was as if she had lost...everything. Guilt bubbled in his throat as Aomine stepped forward, only to stop once she fell on her knees.

"Tetsu-kun's gone, Dai-chan...He's gone..."

Long-term memory loss. It's unfortunate but it was the outcome of our tests.

We are unsure if he would ever recover but as it stands, his memory loss is permanent.

His memories aren't there anymore, Momoi-san.

I'm sorry, but he will no longer be able to remember you or anyone else for that matter.

From the trauma he experienced, it's best to let him forget.

Please don't let him suffer again.

"He's gone and it's all our fault."

To be continued...


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